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Giving Back

Selcom prides itself in being a responsible corporate citizen and uses the expertise it has developed over the years to give back to the community.  As part of our corporate social responsibility, some of the initiatives that we are engaged in are:

Zanzibar Malaria Control Program (ZMCP)

ZMCP falls under the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) that was launched in 2005.  Since 2008, Selcom Wireless has provided ZMCP with a mobile application that supports Malaria Early Epidemic Detection (MEEDS).  This application allows medical facilities to send in malaria case data to a central reporting system that is monitored by experts in Dar es Salaam and Washington.  If a rise in the malaria rate is detected, experts quickly respond to contain the disease and prevent an epidemic from ensuing.

Aga Khan Community

The Aga Khan community is a faith-based organization.  We provide free bulk SMS services to the community for the notification of events, funerals, security alerts, etc.

Health, Education and Community Integration (IntHEC)

IntHEC is a four year program of research to develop evidence-based strategies to increase equity, integration and effectiveness of reproductive health services for poor communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Currently, we provide SMS system access to the program at no cost for users to be able to send in data.