1. How do I become a Selcom Paypoint Vendor?

To become a Selcom Paypoint vendor you would need to present two passport size photos, a valid photo ID, your personal or company TIN certificate, business license and starting working capital.

2. What are the services available on the POS?

Please click here to see a list of all the services available on the POS.

3. What’s the vendor’s commission?

Please click here to view Selcom vendor’s commission chart.

4. How can I top up my POS machine, Paypoint App and Selcom Card?

You can top-up your POS, Paypoint App and Selcom Card through Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, M-pesa, at any Selcom office, super dealer shop, and through NMB Bank, TPB, PBZ and Akiba Commercial Bank branches.

Top Up through banks and get 0.2% bonus at the end of the month.

5. What are benefits of using Selcom POS over others?

Selcom offers the best commissions in the market, Uptime services, and Transparency. Also, you can now make sales even when you run out of float using Selcom Zidika! Receive TZS50,000 extra to use in between top-ups, which will be paid back the next time you top-up.

6. What is Selcom App and how does it work?

The Selcom PayPoint App is an alternative to the PayPoint POS. It allows individuals to remotely carry out any transaction that is possible on the POS at any time from a mobile phone, provided that the PayPoint App has sufficient funds and earn a commission with minimal investment. The App is now available on Play Store and App Store

7. How do I check my POS balance & daily report?

Go to your POS’s main menu, select tools, select balance to view your balance or reports to view your daily reports.

8. I forgot my device password, how can I get the new password?

Please send your vendor’s agreement and your ID to helpdesk@selcom.net and we will reset your POS’s password.

9. My POS isn’t working what could be the problem?

Have you tried to restart you device? What error do you get? Otherwise, call our customer care, provide your vendor ID and explain the error that you are getting.

10. How do I block a lost/stolen Selcom Card?

In case the Selcom Card is lost or stolen, immediately block the card using the USSD card menu and report the loss to the nearest Police station. You will need a loss report from the Police station and your ID to request for card replacement at the Selcom office.

11. How do I upgrade My POS model?

POS swapping and pricing depends on the agent’s monthly transaction volume. For more information, please contact us at helpdesk@selcom.net