We partner with financial institutions, mobile network operators and non-financial institutions across Africa. Together with our diverse pool of partners, we facilitate connections that improve the payment experience on the continent. We have APIs spanning across e-commerce to disbursements, and we believe in providing simplified access to these for scalable businesses.



Our Financial Partners


We provide the services below for 35+ Banks in Tanzania:

  • Bank-to-Wallet transfers

  • Wallet-to-Bank transfers

  • Mobile banking Solution

  • Qwikcash (Cardless Withdrawal)

  • Qwikpay (E-commerce Direct Debit)

  • Qwikserv (Shared Agency Banking)

  • POS Acquiring

  • Card Issuing and Acquiring (Virtual and Physical Cards)


Our Mobile Network Operator Partners


We provide various services to enable all mobile network operators:

  • Wallet-to-Bank transfers

  • Card Issuing (Virtual and Physical)

  • Bulk Disbursement Services

  • Bill Payments


Technical Partners and Developers


Benefits of integrating your API with Selcom

debit-card (1).png

Become more relevant by allowing payments for your customers beyond cash


Digitize your day-to-day process and improve payment processes at cheaper costs.


All your payment needs can be visualised on one dashboard. Integrate your business apps with Selcom’s available APIs today and you can manage your finances, improve business services by managing all payments from different channels on one dashboard.


What you can do with Selcom’s API


Selcom caters for multiple APIs, some of which include:

  • APIs for Banks

  • APIs for E-commerce

  • APIs for Bill payments

With Selcom API, you can improve more than payments

  • Gather data on payment channels and

  • Understand your customers experience and design solutions targeted at improving their experience

We will be launching our Developer Academy soon. Until then, reach out to us and sign up as a Developer Partner with us!



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